Montana Flour & Grains

Montana Flour & Grains

Montana grown high protein grains and whole grain flour.

Our grain is grown by more than 150 family owned and operated farms in Montana, neighboring states and Canada. We feel that the farmers we buy grain from - and the customers to whom we sell it - are important links with us in the food chain. We are committed to the ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for those of future generations.

We are one of the region's leading purchasers of organic grains, and provide farmers a market for a diverse range of crops. These include pulse crops as well as wheat, feed grains, spelt and rye. We are also a market for conventional spring, winter, and durum wheat.

Montana Flour & Grains is the sole U.S. agent for KAMUT brand grain, a spring wheat with "ancient" origins. We provide support and work to establish a consistent supply of this unique grain.


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